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are considering other ways to help those suffering in libya. hillary clinton says the u.s. military might have a role to play, such as getting supplies to where they're needed. the u.s. secretary of state acknowledged direct intervention would face major opposition. the arab league says it's against any foreign interference. >>> now, some people taking part in the uprising against colonel gadhafi say they want western forces to give support, to prevent more attacks by government planes. some politicians in washington say the u.s. should do just that. but the defense secretary told congress it wouldn't be easy. >> if it's ordered, we can do it. but the really is, and people, there's a lot of, frankly, loose talk about some of these military options. and let's just call a spade a spade. a no-fly zone begins with an attack on libya. to destroy the air defenses. that's the way you'd do a no-fly zone. and then you can fly planes around the country and not worry about our guys being shot down. but that's the way it starts. >> i'm not endorsing it. >> no, i understand that. but it also requires more
, tsunami warnings for at least 20 countries. and hawaii and the west coast of the u.s. under warnings as well. let me tell you about this quake. a devastating one, one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded. it was an 8.9 magnitude quake. it hit off the coast of japan overnight. there have been several powerful aftershocks being felt, up to 7.0 in magnitude. the quake was centered 300 miles from tokyo, but it was felt in tokyo. buildings swayed. take a look at these pictures. our bureau there in tokyo as well. some of our co-workers being thrown around at times as well. this is just one of the views inside. people poured out onto the streets afterwards. they say it's a city in chaos right now. the danger we have now, the concern, a tsunami. it did trigger a tsunami, massive waves, some as high as 30 feet, starting to come ashore in places. this wall of water is starting to bring with it -- it's washing away cars, boats, buildings. looks like lava almost making its way through. here's the most stunning picture. waves of mud and debris can be seen like lava flowing through some
of power. >> as u.s. president obama outlines his position, delegates from dozens of country s arriie in london to discuss libya's future. >>> hello, 5:00 a.m. in washington, 10:00 a.m. in london. >> you're watching "world one live" from london. also ahead. >>> this is a pro-government rally, organized to show support for syria's president assad. >>> more trouble at the japan fukushima nuclear plant. a plutonium leak and tons of contaminated water are the latest hazards. >> good news out of denmark. watch this. >> yeah! >> yes! >> delight for police searching for a missing 3-year-old as news comes in that he's been found. >>> we begin with the crisis in libya and foreign ministers from more than 40 countries are meeting in london today to talk about how libya can move ahead without moammar gadhafi. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton's going to be there, so will the british prime minister david cameron and the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon. there will be a strong showing from the arab world with representatives from qatar, jordan, lebanon, iraq, morocco and tunisia. the talks
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. these were the scenes last night. antiaircraft fire was heard in the skies over the capital. the head of u.s. forces in the region says, progress so far has been, quote, very effective. no libyan aircraft have been seen since allied operations began at the weekend. on the ground, government forces are gradually being pushed back from rebel-held benghazi. >> the coalition extended no-fly zone across other parts of libya. allied planes flew enforcement missions over tripoli and misrata since start. coalition forces have fired 159 tomahawk cruise missiles on libya. a military spokesman says after the initial strikes american forces were moving into what he called a patrolling phase. cnn's nic robertson is in tripoli where colonel gadhafi's forces are been trying to defend the capital. he watched the anti-aircraft fire sweep the sky and explained how libyan gunners are trying to deflect those incoming attacks. >> reporter: military people know more about military things tell me they're trying to create an arc of fire through the sky. that's where they we have the weapon and you see the tracers m
. they will not be successful doing so. >>> u.s. soldier jeremy morelock has pleaded guilty to charges he and other soldiers killed afghan citizens for sport last year. but morelock's possible life sentence was reduced to 24 years in a plea deal. german news magazines have published photographs showing morelock and other soldiers posing over the bodies of dead afghans. >>> allied attacks on tripoli are continuing into a sixth day. take a look at these pictures. they're from libyan state tv, and they reportedly show the destruction at a military base in tripoli. look at that fire raging. these were apparently filmed just after a coalition air strike. the coalition attacks on military targets have now grounded gadhafi's air force and crippled the country's air defenses. so strikes from now on are focusing more on ground troops as they move toward rebel-held towns to try and recapture them. >>> the libyan government says a number of civilians have been killed by coalition air strikes including women and children. to prove it, they bundled foreign reporter on it a convoy of buses to show them a house they said
from under a three-star general and it means that the u.s. will effectively now be taking a supportive role rather than the primary role in this operation going forward really just sending in reconnaissance and jamming planes rather than conducting a majority of the strike missions it has been and, of course, the cruise missiles. >> is it clear what would constitute success and when the operation would be over? >> reporter: that's at the moment is not clear, in fact, on the sunday talk shows in the united states, secretary of defense and the secretary of state were asked that kind of thing and could give no collar indication of whether this be a question of weeks, months or whether it would be over by the end of the year so we are hoping for more details as the day progresses but i think it's hard to ascertain how long this campaign might continue, zain. >> cnn diana magnay reporting, thanks, diana. >>> another look at how the rebels advanced. operation held areas are here marked in yellow. areas under control are marked in green. on friday the rebels were in control of benghazi. colon
. >>> this is "world one" live from london. did mexico's youngest ever police chief run for her life? the u.s. immigration official tells cnn she is now in the u.s. the 20-year-old shot to fame last october when she took the job of top cop in a violent mexican border town. she was fired for failing to turn up for work yesterday. some local people say that she fled to the u.s. amid reports that she'd got some death threats. >>> a japanese safety panel wants to know what caused the death of five babies in the past month. doctors in japan have been ordered to stop immunizing infants with two vaccines around the world. they are temporarily suspended. investigators are checking to see if they played a role in recent deaths. both companies say their vaccines are safe. >>> on monday, cnn launched a pretty ambitious yearlong initiative aimed at raising awareness of slavery with our unmatched global reach and resources, cnn's going to shine a spotlight on the horrors of slavery in the present day and really give victims a voice. so what defines slavery? >> if we try to define it, you know, to me slave
onboard the ship. bound for libyan air space. as of tuesday, the u.s. says a total of 108 strikes have been launched on libyan targets and more than 160 missiles fired. >>> the strikes are all part of a u.n.-backed effort to stop colonel gadhafi's forces from attacking civilians, but libya's leader is defiant. he's urging his people to resist what he calls fascist aggression. here he is vowing to fight on to victory. >> translator: we will be victorious in this fight. we will not give up. we -- they will not terrorize us. we are making fun of their rockets. the libyans are laughing at these rockets. >> the uprising in libya started in the eastern city of benghazi and spread across large parts of the country. the government's forces took back a lot of ground, but benghazi is in the hands of the opposition still. reza sayah is there now and joins us. give us an idea of the situation today there. >> quite a different story in benghazi than what we're hearing over the past 24 hours in tripoli. relatively calm, quiet, and peaceful. and i think that's the case for the eastern front of this w
rebel-controlled towns. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says a no-fly zone would need the backing of the international community and that the u.s. won't go it alone. colonel gadhafi says libyan people will take up arms if a no-fly zone is imposed. >>> calls for foreign intervention in libya are growing as pro-gadhafi forces continue to pound rebel-held towns. one city on the front lines is ras lanuf, in the east of the country. on tuesday, the air force attacked repeatedly, rebels try to defend the city with anti-aircraft fire. opposition officials have accused gadhafi of bombing nearby water reserves. >>> libya is not made up of one cohesive group, rather a collection of individuals who have a common goal. they want gadhafi to go, but most of them lack the skills and training to take on his army. and there are even reports in some areas that rebels are running out of weapons. from eastern libya, cnn's ben wedeman reports. >> don't shoot unless given orders, don't move unless given orders. this anti-gadhafi field commander tells his men over a megaphone. nearby, more s
their money. and a u.s. official says four more u.s. flights took egyptians to cairo on sunday after they fled from libya into tunisia. and tunisia has been struggling to cope with the number of refugees streaming over their border. there have been days where as many as 15,000 came in. well, that's now down to around 3,000. and cnn's ivan watson is on that libyan frontier of tunisia and sent us this report. >> reporter: the people keep streaming across the border into tunisia. more than 100,000 people have fled in the last two weeks and more keep coming. they are met by tunisian volunteers who hand out food and water. and this is important because these refugees are hungry and thirsty and frightened. many of them tell us that they haven't had any access to food and water for days and they've been charged exorbitant prices for transport to try to flee the fighting in libya. >> i'm so very hungry. >> reporter: why? >> i never eat anything. >> reporter: no for food for four days? >> no food. >> people are afraid to come out. >> reporter: yeah. >> they are afraid because of the libyans. >> reporte
on the libyan tunisian border. >>> u.s. president barack obama says moammar gadhafi can no longer claim to be the country's leader. the u.s. president spelled out what he says colonel gadhafi needs to do. >> colonel gadhafi needs to step down from power and leave. it is good for his country. it is good for his people. it is the right thing to do. the united states has full capacity to act potentially rapidly if the situation deteriorated in such a way that you had a humanitarian crisis on our hands or a situation in which civilians were -- defenseless civilians were finding themselves trapped and in great danger. >> the u.s. says over a thousand people could have been killed in libya, based on reports it has seen. 180,000 mainly foreign workers have fled to tunisia and egypt. the u.s. and france have dispatched aircraft to get some of those people home. alex thompson tells us what life is like for the thousands crossing the border every hour. >> reporter: at the frontier itself it is quiet and orderly, so much so tunisia officials won't let you film. new gadhafi flags fly over the check
for assistance. it has been in touch with u.s. authorities and u.s. experts and even the u.s. military, i believe, have been asked for assistance here. there are those who will be able to assist in some way or another and have been working with the international atomic agency as well. this is an ongoing effort and all help would be needed. >> all right, stan grant there in tokyo, thank you for that. we want to take you back now to tokyo to take a listen to that news conference with the chief cabinet secretary. >> translator: what work must be done with whose responsibility must be sorted out. otherwise it can cause great confusion among the public, not just monitoring but other tasks must have a clear responsibility so that has been part of my work. as for the monitoring work on the compounds of the nuclear power plant and in the vicinity, the ministry of economy, trade and industry and the nuclear and industrial safety agency have the responsibility for reporting and as to the areas outside next is responsible and also relevant to measure the value and to make a report. our nuclear safety commis
in libya face more setbacks in the push against moammar gadhafi's forces. u.s. president barack obama says he will not rule out arming the rebels. >>> a decisive moment in syria, the world is waiting to hear what the president will say one day after his cabinet quit. bashar assad will "face the nation" and has been lying low after two weeks of violent clashes between security forces and anti-government protests. thousands have been killed. and they poured into the capital tuesday. it is said the president could be about to lift the emergency law in place since 1963. he will bring you the address live as soon as it begins. >> right now, we're joined by hala gorani. you interviewed the spokesman from the embassy. good to see you. did he say anything about what we can expect bashar to say? >> we have spoken to embassy members and others and we are expecting bashar al-assad to lift the state of emergency that has been in place longer than he has been alive, 1962, the baathi baathi baathist coup that brought them in power. it won't happen in syria concretely until it does. you have critics who
. numerous rescue and assistance teams from the u.s. arrived in japan on sunday. the prime minister of japan says this is his country's worst crisis since world war ii. >> please, i ask each one of you, please have such determination and to deepen your bond with your family members, neighbors, the people in your community to overdhom crisis so that japan can be a better place. we can do it together. this is the message i would like to emphasize to the japanese people. >> japanese prime minister naoto kan. rescuers are searches for survivors. anna joins us now. it is dark, it is night fall in northeastern japan. temperatures we would assume are starting to plummet. can you tell us about the conditions where survivors are having to live in now. >> reporter: we are in m mitshumamaki. the devastation that has taken place. these were people's homes. the roof of this building completely collapsed. it was standing here. i'm currently on its founs. it ripped off its foundation and smashed into that building. it gives you the power of that wave, ten meter wall of water that came from the coast and ro
. they were followed by more than 100 cruise missiles fired by u.s. and u.k. warships. the u.s. and britainan have fired 124 tom hack missiles at libyan air strikes. that was as of sunday night local team. a libyan army spokesman called for a immediate cease-fire, but the forces lining up against it don't seem inclined to respond to that. we want to get analysis on this with the professor of international relation tiz london school of economics. thank you very much for being with us. first of all, what is the situation -- let's talk a little bit about what the arab league has been doing right now. it's almost as if they're throwing a spanner in the works. are they? >> they're getting cold feet. you have seen in the last few days. while we accepted a no fly zone, but we have never said yes for massive bombing. for the potential of civilian casualties, for the escalation of the coalition golds. this is the reality. arab television, arab viewers now have been exposed to two days of bombings, and you can see -- >> but they knew they were getting into because the security council resolution 1973 s
of course will be looking to implement those measures that we'll authorize today. >> the fallout from the u.s. invasion of iraq was not forgotten by the five countries which abstained from approval. >> we've seen great risks. the likelihood of loss of life should not be underestimated. >> germany announced it would not contribute troops. russia and china decided not to veto but said there was a rush to judgment before a u.n. call for a cease-fire was tested. no-fly zones in iraq and bosnia some 20 years ago weren't always able to stop aggression. happiest of all at the u.n. was moammar gadhafi's former ambassador saying he serves for the people of libya. >> it is a clear message to the libyan people that they are not alone. that the international community is with them, and they are going to help them to protect themselves. >> as the libyan army advanced, the pace of diplomacy surged here. now a resolution backed by international force is on the international law books. >>> what is the reaction in tripoli? moammar gadhafi's son tells cnn that troops will be in circling the rebel stronghold be
the cooling system using seawater. >> meanwhile, the top u.s. official says in another reactor, 4, spent fuel rods have exposed. gregory jaczko told congress there was no water in the pool where the spent fuel rods were stored. that's led to radiation leaking out. wolf blitzer spoke with him. >> how dangerous is the radiation right now? folks in this vicinity of this reactor, are they in danger of dying? >> well, our understanding is there are very high radiation levels near some parts of the reactor site. i don't want to go too much into details but they are very high levels. >> meanwhile, japanese government and power company officials dispute one of jaczko's main observations and say there is water in the spent nuclear fuel pool and they've not seen dangerous levels outside the immediate area around the reactors. this is a dangerous situation so authorities have evacuated the 20-kilometer radius forcing 200,000 people to leave their homes. no flights are allowed within a 30-kilometer radius except for helicopters sent in to drop water and people living between 20 and 30 kilometers from the
wedeman reporting from benghazi in eastern libya. the growing worry over the u.s. boarders. hundreds of thousands have left the country and thousands more are showing up every hour. they're streaming through border crossings through tunisia and egypt. it's at a crisis point. it's calling for a massive evacuation from the people at the border areas and suspended libya from the human rights council because of attacks by forces on anti-government protesters. support for people who are caught up in the turmoil. it says since the 20th of february, 70,000 to 75,000 people have crossed into tunisia. 14,000 people made the crossing in just one day. that's on a monday. and many of these are really in desperate need of on ward transportation. the u.n. is setting up tents and a transit camp close to the border. that's enough to cater to around 12,000 people. and on thursday, it's planning two air lifts, bringing in tents and supplies for another 10,000. many of the people racing to get out of libya are workers originally from other countries. and the situation they find themselves in is pretty
and bin jawad. and the u.s. president has signed a secret order to allow the american government to support rebel troops. the white house is refusing to comment. >>> there is no end in sight to japan's nuclear nightmare, radiation levels surged to new highs in ocean water near the damaged fukushima plant. samples taken near the plant show radiation levels 4,000 times higher than normal. and officials say they don't know how to stop it. >>> on a mission of solidarity, due to meet with prime minister of tokyo, to show support for the people from the french president. >>> it was thought bashar al assad would announce end to emergency law in place nearly 50 years. amateur video on youtube shows at least one person badly wounded in the city of sti ocit. at least 16 people were killed there in yesterday's clashes. cnn can't verify the authenticity of these images. >>> the president spoke for 45 minutes on wednesday but made no mention of reforms in syria after two weeks of violent anti-government demonstrations. >>> there were reports of violence in the ivory coast. the country has bee
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